lunch and Japanese practice


I went to lunch-dinner (was at like 3:30 or so) at a Japanese restaurant.

It was so yummy! 

It’s called Kumi•Ko and it is one of the few Japanese food places actually owned by Japanese people in my area. 

Every time I go there I talk to them in Japanese and get some practice time in.

I was with my mother and after we ordered the hostess (who I believe is the owners wife, she’s probably 50’s or 60’s) brought us our appetizer and say “hai dozo” and I replied “arigatou gozaimasu”   she was so amazed! Hahahahha from then on we spoke in Japanese. 

She was very impressed with my Japanese and she hugged me!

She was such a nice obaa-san!

I wanna work there….so I can practice Japanese all the time!


Ganbatte minna!

Try your best everyone!

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