It’s alright to grow up

I decided…..and had a sudden realization the other day…’s ok to grow up.

I think I always had this fear about it.

But now….for some odd reason I just became fine with it.

Sure I still live at home, and I only have a permit…(I can’t park to save a life…I’m height deficient lol at 4’11”)
But I realized in many ways I am an adult.

I have a job
I go to college
I buy the things I need etc.
and I could go on with boring details but I shan’t make you weep from reading unnecessary words

In the words of ke$ha I think I’ve finally “got my big girl pants on and up” hahah

I’m excited I’m moving forward….I’m going back to Japan (all by myself I might add), today I bought a whole new wardrobe (since yeah, it’s time to retire the t-shirts), and I just feel like I can do this being an adult thing. (Today I even made kale chips and blueberry compote to put on my Greek yogurt…I feel like these are adult like foods)

I’m ready.

I guess it’s time for the next step….finding myself a husband!

Just kidding, but the cute new clothes may help in that department.

I’ll try my best!

April 1st

I’m leaving for Japan April 1st and will be there until the 12th (^○^)

I got a GREAT deal on a ticket and I am now psyched!!!

Let’s do this. Japan trip #3!!!

I’ll try my best

It’s just so easy…

To get discouraged.

I purchased a new book

And so I’ve been doing some hardcore research about renting an apartment in Japan.

And it’s just starting to seem impossible. Of course I’m still planning on expating (is that a word?) there, but my idea of perhaps renting a room is seeming more practical.

Have you ever heard of key money?

Well it’s probably one of the few things I hate about Japan……so basically you give 1-3 months worth of rent to your landlord as a “gift” (meaning non-refundable). On top of the 1-2 months worth of rent as a security deposit (meaning refundable). And then 1-2 months worth of rent money goes to the real estate agent (non-refundable, and you MUST use an agent). And there are also other fees depending on the complex. Along with the fact that many rentals don’t have appliances, A/C, or light fixtures.

So anywhere from 4,500-6,000 in money just to GET the keys for an apartment. And then I would have to buy all the other essentials. Furniture, appliances, etc.

And some landlords won’t even give a tour of an apartment to foreigners because they don’t want to rent to “gaijin.”

My plan has just gotten a whole lot harder.

I’ll try my best.

Minor setback

Tonight……my phone fell out of my pocket only a foot and a half off the ground.

Leaving my screen completely shattered.

Which means that the paycheck I had picked up from work only minutes before will now be spent on replacing my phone. Normally I wouldn’t care about the cracks but…
1.) I can’t see my keyboard to type
2.) little shards of screen keep getting stuck in my fingers

I just hope that the AT&T darlings….whom in my previous experience, hate life and want to incur their wrath on everyone who comes happily into their stores unknowing of the rage they too will soon feel…..will be able to transfer over my pictures, music, apps, etc…

Apple already screwed me because my Apple ID got changed meaning that if I synch my phone to my new computer I will lose all of my music. I’ve already lost apps I purchased.

Basically….technology is NOT my friend.

So another minor setback on the journey that is life.


I’ll try my best

First day of my last semester

Started school up again today,

What can I say?

In my only class of the day, my teacher announced that we will be fake taken hostage at some unknown time during the class……interesting way to start the semester.

What type of crazy class are you in? you ask?

International business….but I have a feeling that this class is going to be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.

Here I come world….learning to be prepared for being a hostage…. I hope I won’t ever have to actually use what I will learn.

Only English major in the class again…….as always.

I’ll try my best

Weird to think about – leads to appreciation

Isn’t it weird to think about the fact that if you were born to different parents, you’d be a completely different person.

Where you grow up, who raised you, who your friends are, all lead to decisions you make, which then lead to who you are.

Isn’t it weird to think about?

That’s why I am appreciative of my parents and being raised how I was. Because of them, I have had a lot of support, and opportunities. I grew up and still live in a small town and have been well traveled so far.

I have always wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of Someone else.

It’s so cool to think that billions of other people on this earth living their own lives.

What is everyone else doing right now?

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Headache City + New

Since I woke up I have had an insane headache and am just pissed at the fact that tonight, when I go to work, we will be understaffed, busy, and unprepared.

What will get me through it?

My new notebook:


I already have a paper notebook covered in cute Rilakkuma pictures and is space themed. Which I write all my information I accumulate about the moving process, TEFL things, visa requirements etc.

Well this new notebook is a lot more durable, and actually really soft rubber. And so I will transfer everything to this one ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It sort of reminds me of “death note”

I’m really excited to use this in public and then do my evil laugh. Maybe I should also dress as an anime villain. ψ(`∇´)ψ

I’ll try my best

P.s. The headache continues……this sucks

Just got complicated?

So on Thursday I went to my doctor…. Who is a pediatrician, but I love him, so I’ll keep going there till I get kicked out. But when I make my appointments I always get asked “and what’s the name of your child that’s need an appointment?”


Anyway, but I’ve been having chronic migraines and headaches for a couple months now, and have gotten to the point where they are everyday.

My doctor has asked that I don’t eat processed/granulated sugar in hopes of that being the cause.

I don’t eat much sugar anyway. I don’t drink juice, eat sweets, or the like. But I do drink coffee in the morning.

Every morning. Two cups.
Cream and sugar.

And I usually eat half a bagel in between the two cups of coffee. But I guess that’s more info than anyone would like to know.

However, I noticed that if I drink both cups before I eat anything then I will no doubt develop a migraine with the floaters and everything in about 10-15 minutes.

And that’s why I have to not eat processed sugar to see if anything changes.

So while this post may seem slightly if not terribly boring….because well, it is…. With the no coffee thing, because let’s face it…..that Splenda crap is just disgusting, and I can’t have sugar, I will be irritable until I find some new tasty sugar free breakfast beverage.

I tried matcha…..but have decided…I pretty much only like it iced. And I want a warm drink. ( ̄ー ̄)

This is going to be more difficult than I thought.

Especially with a Starbucks lurking even in this tiny unincorporated satellite entity of a nearby city….because really we are just a bunch of hippies with no sewer, no high school (it’s in a neighboring town), and the Wikipedia definition of a dive bar (yes, really), no police only a sheriff, and restaurants/take out places that are only open till about 8:30. We aren’t even a town, village, or with even more wishful thinking, a city.

In other news….I start college back on Tuesday, meaning this is my last semester of school before I am done!
Then save save save more money as always.
Then moving to Japan!!!! Yay

I’ll try my best!

Goodbye tasty delicious coffee in one of my adorable mugs!!!

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