I want to go to the robot bikini bar!

Right now,

I am sitting at home and am doing some more intensive research for my trip 

Back to Japan in July. 


Trip date: July 9th (US) July 10th (JPN) – August 1st

Total time in Japan: 24 days


My sister Riley (20) and I (17) will be in Tokyo for the first week. We are renting an apartment a minute away from the SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE (aka the shibuya crossing)

Then the rest of the trip we will be staying with my besties in a small town 15 mins out of Kyoto. And will be visiting Osaka (hopefully I will see a soccer game there….my favorite team is CEREZO OSAKA so I want to see them play!!!), Nara, and so on. 


What am I researching? EVERYTHING. From entrance fee’s to maps. From times open to stations located closest to the attraction or store.


Things my sister and I are most excited to see or do? Heh heh


Robot bikini bar in shinjuku

Getting our nails did

Cat cafe


I have friends we are meeting up with almost the whole time. About 3 different friends in Tokyo. And then 10+ friends while staying with my besties. 


One of my friends is a pin striper artist…you know those designs on old cars and stuff? Well I met him here a couple years back at a car show and now we are buds….doesn’t hurt that we both love soccer!!! Did I mention my dad owns a hot rod shop? He also does customs, muscle, classics, restorations, full builds etc. And knows my friend through that. My dads stuff has been featured in magazines world wide so he knows a lot of people. Anyway…

He is taking us around shinjuku…. I mentioned the robot bikini bar..heh heh…he hadn’t ever heard of it! He’s about 30 something and so he said that we will try to go!!!

We were looking at the website and we think they have a no one under 18 rule…we are hoping to break that rule heh I REALLY want go! Every Japanese person I have met has thought I’m about 20……so hopefully it’ll be OK ✌


Any recommendations on what to see? Hmmmmmmm?



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GIFs: Japanese TV Show Gets Celebrities to Bite Furniture & Clothes to Discover if They’re Made of Candy


I laughed the entire time…..now this is Japanese t.v,

Originally posted on Tokyo Desu:

The past few years have been what many consider to be a golden age of television, with a plethora of high quality shows blurring the boundaries between TV and film, but if you ask us there simply isn’t enough shots of people hesitantly biting pieces of furniture.

No problem though, Japan’s got it covered.

On a recent show, boy band Tokio, comedy duo Banana Man and a number of other celebrities were shown into a room where a number of items were actually desserts made to look like conventional items – a practice known as sokkuri. The guests had to then guess which items were actually foodstuffs… then bite them to prove it.

Here are the results:

1 room

The room being revealed

2 white shoe

Those white shoes look suspicious…

3 white shoe

Nope, shoes.

The picture frame definitely looks chocolatey

The picture frame definitely looks chocolatey

But it really is a picture frame

But it really is a picture frame

Biting a glass table seems pretty brave...

Biting a glass table seems pretty brave…

...but it's made of sweets …but…

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My Pet Marimo

Last Friday,

I bought a Marimo,

That’s right…..a ball of green algae originating from Japan.
I was so excited when I heard that they had some at the Petco a town over! I immediately went and bought one 🙆

The guy that got it out of the tank for me……he uhhhh….safe to assume he hates his job. I was all excited and my sister was there with me….so he gets it after I pick him out….the marimo that is… And I get a fun little bag of water with him in it! Then Riley (my older sister) and I spend 20 minutes picking out a beta fish for her.

Anyway….I get it home and I bought it a nifty bowl and some gravel and a fake plant

So here he is….my pet marimo! That’s right….most people have cats, dogs, or actual fish….most people use marimo as natural tank filters… I’m having mine as a pet 💜


All that’s left is to name him. I’ve had some great suggestions such as:
Bruno moss
Bally Mo Algaestrong
Mossbob Roundpants
Mo the Marino
The Moss Boss

I think I’m gonna go with bally mo algaestrong named after the lead singer from green day Billie Joe armstrong , and just call him mo for short. But when he is in a formal setting I’ll call him his full name.

Try your best!

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Japan trip summer 2014

My older sister is now coming with me, and we will be there for 24 days…….no really, 24 days!

It’s going to be a very long trip! But it’ll be such a fun experience, and I highly doubt my sister and I will kill each other……or will we?

Just kidding!

The plane tickets have been acquired, and I’m now in the planning process…….texting all my friends there trying to plan our days and what we want to see.

We will be in Tokyo for about 6 days, and in a town called ishiyama which is where my friends live where we will be staying, and it’s about 10 mins by train to Kyoto.

We plan on seeing a lot but we also kind of just want to adventure around. Get our nails done, do some karaoke, and explore.

It’ll be my second time in Japan, and my sisters first.
I’m 17, she’s 20
I’m short, she’s average height
I know some Japanese, she knows none
I’m brunette with brown eyes, she’s green eyed and blonde….,, she’s gonna have some people ask to take her picture! Hahahaha

We are gonna be an odd pair of “gaijin” (foreigner’s) and we are just gonna own it.

Any places that are kinda weird or unknown with good food, cool art, nice thrifty things, or something just kinda interesting?

We have a long list…..help me add to it!

I’ll try my best!


Shibuya. Where we will stay in Tokyo. Yay!!! 🙌

“what are you gonna do with your life?”


I was on the phone with my mom. I was talking to her about dropping my shakespeare class because the teacher makes Shakespeares plays dry and boring…..

She said that “I shouldn’t just quit.” “What were you thinking when you signed up for that class? What would you use that class for?”

My response “I thought it’d be fun” when I signed up I thought that having background on literature as interesting and revolutionary as shakespeare would be beneficial for teaching in Japan.


My mom says “what are you gonna do with your life? What if you don’t go to Japan?”

My mom has always said that she thinks if anyone could do it, I could. My mom is the one person I have always looked to for advice on this. There isn’t anyone else who has shown as much of an interest in it as she has 

I guess her and presumably many others faith in me isn’t as strong as I thought it was.

I know she loves me, and just doesn’t want me to fail, or to be disappointed, or to have nothing if it doesnt work out….I understand her concern and I love her for it….but,

I have no back up plan.

I didn’t think I needed one….

Nor will I make one.

Some would probably call me stupid for my overconfidence and blind faith in myself. But I don’t think of it that way. Having a back up plan would mean that I don’t trust my abilities to be able to make it in Japan. That I have to have an escape…that I NEED to have an out.

I can’t do that. I can’t have an out.  If I have something to fall back on…why would I try my best in Japan? Why would I have to build up an unnatural optimistic view to get me through hard times? I wouldn’t do my best because then I would know I have something waiting for me back in California. I would have people who will say “its OK it didn’t work out… You tried your best.” But that wouldn’t be true. Trying my best……it’s not gonna come if I know there’s something waiting for me. 


Was everyone just encouraging me to humor me?

Did they think it’s a phase I’ll soon get over?

Did they think I would back out when I discovered how much work it will be?


I don’t doubt myself…..I refuse to….I don’t have a backup plan….that’s admitting that I have a fear of picking myself up by my boot straps and just going for it….I will admit…its a scary thing. 

There are so many variables I have to account for.

What other 17 yr old loses sleep over what I worry about? While most people my age worry about who to date next, what party is happening this weekend, and about what to wear for prom…..

I’m thinking about:

Job hunting in Japan

Creating a formal résumé in Japanese

Creating lesson plans for examples for interviews

Gaining a tutoring clientele

Finding an Apartment or room to rent


Plane tickets

Hotels when I first arrive

Learning Japanese


Packing and sending over boxes

Finding american products to get a taste of home

Making new friends 



I am 100% serious


Even if I have no one supporting my dream, even if I don’t have anyone who truly believes in me, even if I have to do it all on my own……..I’ll do it. Of course I would love to have the love and support of my family and friends….I don’t want my grandparents and sister and parents to have to worryu about me constantly, or to be sad that I didn’t head their kind and very very wise advice of having something to fall back on. 


I have no doubt in my mind that I can make it happen….something being scary doesn’t mean its not gonna happen …… Sure….the whole thing is a little sketchy, I may have read a crap ton of books about it, but actually being there will be different.  

I am aware of the struggles I will have.  

I am aware of the possibility of failure….but that’s just a possibility….a possibility I refuse to be a part of. I will make this happen for myself.  I’m not gonna waste my time preparing a back up plan……I have 2 years and 8 months until I am 20, I have no time to waste.

I have to go….and learn on the way….I can’t be wishy washy and have no firm conviction.

I want to do this.

I need to do this.


And I only hope that I will have my family and friends rooting for me.


If worse comes to worse and I end up back in California, I’ll figure out what to do then… I have to take it one step at a time….

Even if they’re baby steps because I didn’t have a back up plan.  

Mom, if you’re reading this…,,I need you. I need your and dads support. How did you end up with a daughter like me you may ask? Who only has one thing on her mind, Japan. And why am I so strong willed and stubborn and so loud and probably too passionate? 

It’s because you raised me right, you raised me to not give up. To put my mind to something and stick with it. I may be totally weird and I like to randomly dress up in costumes you don’t understand and act goofy making faces all the time….but this time I’m serious. 

I’m committed to this….I have been since elementary school.

If I don’t end up in Japan what good is my knowledge of Kabuki, Geisha, Japanese traditions, and learning Japanese? Because if you look around…. We don’t actually have any Japanese epeople near us. 


I know I’m looking at this goal or dream or plan or whatever anyone wants to call this kind of simply, but that’s why I need you mom. You are the planner. I need to learn those skills for you. I need you to make me an adult….even if my feet cant touch the ground in most chairs…

I need you.  I have to learn. Because I WILL move there…, but I’m going to need your help. And I’m going to need your support. And your belief in me that I can do this, and that I know my stuff. It’ll be tough….but I know I can do it.

And I’d really love your help. 


I love you, so please….don’t think this blog is silly, help me out…and please don’t get mad that I’m typing this in the shakespeare class I want to drop. 

I know I shouldve told you this to your face, but I don’t want any chance of arguing, and I can never seem to get out the words I really want to say.

What do you think mom? Can I do it?





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lunch and Japanese practice


I went to lunch-dinner (was at like 3:30 or so) at a Japanese restaurant.

It was so yummy! 

It’s called Kumi•Ko and it is one of the few Japanese food places actually owned by Japanese people in my area. 

Every time I go there I talk to them in Japanese and get some practice time in.

I was with my mother and after we ordered the hostess (who I believe is the owners wife, she’s probably 50′s or 60′s) brought us our appetizer and say “hai dozo” and I replied “arigatou gozaimasu”   she was so amazed! Hahahahha from then on we spoke in Japanese. 

She was very impressed with my Japanese and she hugged me!

She was such a nice obaa-san!

I wanna work there….so I can practice Japanese all the time!


Ganbatte minna!

Try your best everyone!

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‘American Bagels!”


I was talking to the friend I will be staying with in Japan.

(Along with her 2 younger sisters, and her parents)


OK, so I asked her if there was some snacks or products she wanted me to bring from the U.S.


She thought for a while…..then she said:

“American Bagels!”


I was laughing so hard!

I asked her if she was serious….

She was.


She also said not to worry about it if they’re too bulky, because apparently she can buy them at Costco in Kyoto.

They have Costco….. In Japan?!?


I told her I would bring some because they’re so expensive there. I then asked what her sisters wanted. And one of them wants American bagels too!!!

what’s with the American bagel thing? Lol


So I say….ok I’ll bring you guys bagels.


Then I asked her if her family likes pasta.

She said yes, so now I’m Also bringing pasta and will be cooking some while I’m there. 


She then asks, “what is popular with students in america?”

Meaning high school students, what products they use and clothes they wear.


I have no idea. This year I’m homeschooling for my senior year, so I have NO IDEA what’s popular!

So I’m calling and texting friends who still go to high school…..

They all say “leggings as pants”

i am not taking that horrible trend to japan! Leggings ARE NOT PANTS!


So now I’m trying to think of trendy things to bring hahah


So I guess my suitcase will be filled with american bagels and boxes of pasta

I’ll try my best!

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The Similarities


while walking around town in a wig (I did a cosplay video right before I went on my walk)

I realized some similarities. 


Los Osos, California (my hometown) And Japan 





California is about the same size of Japan 

Crazy Drivers 

Lots of walking involved 

Tsunami’s (been through a couple  tsunami Warnings and evacuations)

Earth quakes (I have been in Californian and Japanese earth quakes)


So basically I live in Japan, 

Just kidding! Image

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Back On Track!


I finally received the 4 paychecks I was owed in the mail!

I am now back on track to saving money for my 2nd voyage to Japan.


I’m so happy and I felt so excited when I got to rip open the envelopes 

It had been a good day so far,

And later tonight I’m meeting up with some cosplay/Japan enthusiasts to grab some burgers and catch up. 


I’ll Try My Best!

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Why I Need to Move to Japan

It’s “welcome”

Something needs to be done about this…..someone stop the madness!

I saw this sign when I was wandering the streets of Kyoto. IMG_13767599809577

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