Creative problem solving: Vending machine dispenses cans with 5 yen coins taped to them


This is amazing!!! Hahahahha yeah vending machines not allowing you to use 5 ¥ coins totally sucks. This is amazing. Especially since I love that peach drink!!

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One cool thing about living in Japan is that, whether you’re in a bustling city or the open countryside, you’re never too far from a vending machine. True, you won’t find any canned ramen in many machines outside of Akihabara, but so long as there’s power to run one, you’re pretty much always within a few hundred metres of a machine selling both chilled and hot drinks.

We’ve seen some unusual things turning up in Japan’s vending machines over the years, but cans of peach soda with money taped to them is definitely a new one.

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Got back to the states August 1st.

Since then,

I have started my third and hopefully last year of college

I have gotten a job

I am about to turn 18 in tee minus 4 days?!? (October 3rd)

I’m saving money to move to Japan. I think I will start a counter to show how much I have and how much farther I have to go. sounds cool right?

3 of my friends are coming to visit me here in California in a couple months

And I am currently compiling a very かわいい (cute) notebook full of things I need I know for when I move.

My Trip To Japan

Was magnificent

I made even more friends, had a blast, learned a lot, and decided on the prefecture I want to move to…

And the winner is…….drumroll please!…….Shiga prefecture!!!

For those of you who don’t know where that is, it is right next to Kyoto and close to Osaka. Shiga also contains Japan’s largest lake: Lake Biwa (Biwako) and is known for their “Tanuki” statues (tanuki meaning raccoon)

I promise to post more.

Here are some pictures of Shiga prefecture….the letters spell out “welcome” we did it with fireworks (花火)

















Safe in Tokyo. More later. I’m whooped. 23 hours total of traveling. Heat and humidity are killer. As well as your warm sticky typhoon rain.





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1 more day!

I leave tomorrow!

I believe my plane will take off but I’m not sure where we will land

Neoguri is moving slower than expected so we may be able to land at Narita but if the winds are too bad, we may end up in either China or Korea

Hey….but isn’t that part of the adventure?!

Everyone’s texting and emailing me worried about my flight. Messaging my Cosplay account on anime amino, fb, and I really appreciate it!

But I’m not too worried. We may get soaked but I don’t think it’ll be too bad.

I’ll try my best!

To stay safe that is lol

Ill blog more tomorrow when I’m waiting to take off!!!!

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Neoguri….super typhoon…super dangerous

Neoguri (meaning raccoon in Korean) is a category 5 (as we would call it here in the states) hurricane/typhoon/cyclone

It is

“the worst in 15 years”

It’s expected to brush Okinawa, and have winds with the max speed of 195 mph. And get less destructive as it makes it’s way north through japan, even being expected to hit Hokkaido.

It is supposed to hit Honshu (mainland japan) the Tokyo region on July 10th. And continue till July 11th or so.

Guess what day we are scheduled to arrive at Narita (Tokyo airport)….

July 10th.

We can expect heavy rainstorms. Landslides. Flooding. High winds.

So who knows if and when we will get to japan.

As if my parents and family and friends weren’t worried enough….let’s add a category 5 super typhoon on top of that.

I’m not TOO worried at this current moment. But I am starting to feel that little “pit in my stomach” maybe some “butterflies” or idk. But it’s definitely feeling real

Living in California where I do, the worst we have are tsunami, and earthquakes. We haven’t had any tsunami. Just the warnings. But still can be scary.

I’m not used to hurricanes or typhoons. Whichever you prefer to call them. But I’ve never experienced one. So that is a little freaky

I’m getting constant emails, texts, and fb messages about the typhoon, from people in the USA and japan.

What really sucks, is there isn’t anything anybody can do. So like all my friends in japan…..we have to just wait and watch the news. Won’t find out if we leave as scheduled until we make the 3-4 hr journey to LAX.

All we can do is just sit and wait.

Let’s hope neoguri doesn’t cause too much harm.





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Super typhoon threatens lives, and even some travel plans

Super typhoon “neoguri” is headed right towards japan!!!!

Being from California I haven’t ever experienced a SUPER typhoon before (let alone a regular typhoon)

Soooooooo I knew there was going to be rain….but now I don’t know if my flight will be delayed or not.

I have friends in Okinawa (which I’m about to text) where it is supposed to hit first. And it may also affect the area I’m Staying for 2 1/2 weeks….which is where my closest friends live.

So of course I’m super freaked out!

I’m not really too concerned about my own plans or whatever but I’m worried about all my friends there and everyone else.

It will suck if it gets delayed. I have everything planned. But I really am just hoping for the safety of everyone there.

I seriously pick the worst travel dates ever. This time I arrive on the 10th. Hopefully we will get to fly out.

Last trip to japan: worst wind storm in 59 years. And an earthquake (which is one of the few natural disasters us Californians are accustomed to)
This trip: super typhoon

“Pray for Japan” yet again.


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New phone

New phone!!!!! Finally!!!!

I’ll be able to take awesome photos and videos now whilst in japan

4 days and counting.


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Sailor Moon cosplay event in Tokyo provides costumes for all five Scouts, pro photographer


I’ll be in shibuya for this, literally staying 2 blocks away…..will I be going?
Answer: Godzilla himself couldn’t keep me away.

I am a hardcore sailor moon fan!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted on RocketNews24:

SS 7Anime fans the world over are about to get a treat with the July 5 premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, the new series featuring Japanese animation’s most beloved cast of magical girls. But while we’re all excited about being able to see the Sailor Scouts once again, this month also brings a chance to become them, with a cosplay event in Tokyo that’ll provide you with not only a Sailor Moon costume, but a professional photographer to take pictures for you, too.

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6 more days…

Like the title suggests, just 6 more days until I leave for Japan,


I have kind of packed…….but it weighs 39 pounds…..and as a 4’11” girl I don’t know if I really want to drag that around…..hmmmmmmm at least I only move places once. So maybe I can do it!


Apparently it’s supposed to rain there……I thought it’d be 100+ degrees Fahrenheit 


And the flat owner I was supposed to meet from airbnb (amazing site check it out if you are gonna travel to book an apartment for way cheaper than a hotel and very comfy) has to fly back to Britain tomorrow because he broke his nose…..and Japanese doctors won’t operate on him! So now we are meeting his business partner, who oddly shares the same name as a Japanese friend of mine, heh heh already getting interesting!


Also…….I have to send a gigantic package on Monday, to my friends with whom I’m staying with from July 16-august 1.  Then I’m making them drive us to the airport at like 5 am. So I think the big box of assorted foods, bagels, candies, hot sauces, and pastas will be well recieved. 


Getting close……getting excited……at the same time also planning my trip to a convention in November.  Wowwwwwwwwwww double excited!!!!!




gonna be a painful vacation

I have a ganglion cyst. AGAIN. 

Yep…..really.  I had one before, got it drained…….got it again, had it “drained” 


The second time it didn’t really get drained…..the doctor jabbed the needle into my wrist (its a HUGE needle) and kept it in there for a solid minute and a half (this was two months ago) and didn’t get anything out


It actually made it worse…….. It’s now severely painful and its my right wrist….. Guess what……I’m right handed. So now it even hurts just to move my wrist at all. 

And I leave in 13 days …….. No time for surgery which I should’ve gotten two months ago

If I did schedule one……my wrist would be imoble for about a month.  


So now I think I’m just goinna buy a brace tomorrow to see if that helps.   

this totally sucks

Wish I didn’t have to deal with this right now, but could be way worse

Soooooooooo I will just try to schedule it for as soon as I get back

Cause I also want to be useful for November…..when I’m staffing at an anime convention

And debuting a new cosplay…..which would be WAY LESS COOL if I have to wear a brace with it. 

Looking on the brightside…..I am going to Japan in less than two weeks…..sooooo I’m not gonna whine too much.  Can’t wait! 

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